Fred the Rabbit 
Fred the RabbitOnce, long ago, there was a little boy named Joey.  Joey was five years old. He was very sick. 
Joey had been sick for a long time, and sometimes he had to go to the hospital to get stronger again.  To help him feel better Joey took his toy rabbit Fred with him to the hospital.  Fred went with Joey to therapy, sat close beside him for tests, and kept him company during the day.  At night they slept close together under a soft blanket.

Joey hugged Fred tight when he felt sad and lonely, and even a little scared.  Joey had been sick for a long time, and he didn't seem to be getting better.  A nice doctor with white hair, a big smile, a soft voice and gentle hands came to see Joey every day. Joey liked him and knew the doctor was doing everything he could think of to make Joey strong and healthy again.  But Joey kept getting weaker.

One day Joey knew he was not going to live much longer.  When the nice doctor came to see him, Joey asked if the doctor would keep Fred for him and take care of him.  “Why?" the doctor asked.  “Because I'm going to die", Joey said.  “Now why would you think that?" the doctor asked.  “I know it", Joey replied.

“I will take good care of Fred for you", said the nice doctor as he put Fred safely in the cozy pocket of his white lab coat.  “Don't worry, Joey“, the doctor said as he left the room.  "I'll see you in the morning."  But that night, Joey died. 

When the doctor heard the news, he was very surprised and very, very sad.  He wanted to do something very special that would honor Joey, because he loved him.  I know, the doctor thought to himself, I will keep Fred with me whenever I wear my special white coat. Joey would like that.
Fred will be in my pocket when I visit sick children in the hospital, and he will help me to comfort children who are afraid or sad.